Tips for a Successful Singles Mixer

Singles Tips
Singles Tips

Jack and Jill went up to meet

Some singles in Miami

Jack was awkward in the corner

And watched Jill leave with someone else

Nervous for our upcoming Jack Meets Jill Singles Mixer? Not all of us are naturally confident or talkative, but all of us still deserve love! Here are some tips to help you navigate the social maze of a singles event and get the most out of your time at Drinkhouse Fire & Ice.

  • DO: Buy yourself something new to wear! This will make you more excited to attend and less likely to bail, even if it’s just to show off your trendy new necklace or watch. Tip: if you buy shoes, make sure to try them out before so you know that they’re comfortable.
  • DON’T: Be stuck with the friends you came with! This is mostly directed to you Jills. A group of girls together can be intimidating, even to the most confident Jacks. And no, it’s not weird to come by yourself. It might even help you avoid awkward third-wheeling that can happen when you come in a pair. Tip: If you come with friends, agree to split up for part of the night so that you can each branch out.
  • DO: Plan your exit strategies. Practice polite ways to escape from a conversation. Emphasis on polite. Tip: “It was great getting to know you! I’m going to mingle a bit, but I hope I see you again.”
  • DON’T: Act like this is a job interview. You want to quickly get to know the person, but make sure not to grill them with questions. Tip: if a person answers three close-ended (yes/no) questions in a row, they will feel like they’re being interrogated. Make sure your conversation is open-ended, and that both Jack and Jill are talking.
  • DO: Be clear that you’re interested. Don’t assume that they know you’re interested unless you’re being very clear. This is a singles mixer, so some shy Jacks might assume that you’re just being nice. Tip: a light touch on the arm is okay – rubbing or stroking is not.
  • DON’T: Get hammered. Drinking is fun. But so is talking in coherent sentences. We know the award-winning cocktails at Drinkhouse are a dangerous temptation, but being overly drunk can be a huge turnoff. So avoid sputtering around with glazed eyes and spilled drink stains on your shirt! Tip: Beer goggles are real.
  • DO: Get some return on your investment. You’ve spent your time and money at this mixer, so don’t let it go to waste! Get some new numbers, make some future plans. Tip: Taco Tuesday? Wine Wednesday? Thirsty Thursday?
  • DON’T: bring up awkward or controversial topics. These include politics, religions, tragedies, and exes. Tip: Before the mixer, browse some social-bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit to see what everyone’s been talking about. Impress the Jills with how current and up-to-date you are!
  • DO: Trust your instinct. If you’re immediately drawn to certain people, make sure you talk to them, because it’s probably for a reason. Your pheromones are here to help! Tip: Make your approach with a compliment about their outfit – Jills love it when you notice their clothes, especially since it probably took them hours to pick out.
  • DON’T: Wait to be approached. It doesn’t matter how hot you are, people can be shy and awkward. And your good looks can be intimidating! Tip: “Have you been to other singles mixers?” A good neutral question to ask after the initial introductions have been made.
  • DO: Smile. Smell Nice.

Lucky for you, Drinkhouse Fire & Ice is a unique venue that offers tons of conversation topics. Awkward pause? Make a comment about one of the cool (pun intended) ice sculptures! Ask them if they want to take a picture with the iconic fur jacket! We have high hopes for you young professionals, and hope to see you meeting lots of Jacks and Jills.


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