The Big Fight!


You’re probably thinking we’re talking about Mayweather vs. McGreggor. Good fight, but that was Saturday. We’re talking about the fight still raging on in DC and around the nation. We’re talking about the fight against bigotry, racism and hatred. We’re here to let you know that Miami Under 40 is a part of the big fight. We do not condone, support and will not partner with any individuals, groups, organizations, companies, or any entity that stands for anything hate-based or hate-related.

While we choose which subjects and when we involve ourselves in discussions affecting our nation and our world, we understand that it is at all times imperative that we do so in a manner that is professional, without bias, objective and from a place of complete thought and not in reaction to or fueled by anger, no matter how justified. In an effort to affect change locally and abroad, Miami Under 40 will do its part to support diversity and push for equal opportunities to people of all nationalities, backgrounds, creeds, religions, genders, sexual orientation, etc.

It is our promise to you and those we represent to always support and advocate for what is right which at times may include the outing of people and activities that sponsor hate and injury to others. We stand with all of the members of our community as we advance not only our generational interests and efforts, but as we also advance our community and the members there in.


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