Let’s Talk About Hate


Tired of the subject? Like my parents would tell us during “discipline time”, “No you ain’t, but I’m gone make sho you learn.” The subject of hate is one that will never get old because it is such a consistent part of life. Hate can be good when directed at the right target. However, because of deep-rooted misconceptions and twisted mentalities, hate today is a raging fire consuming everything in its path. But how can hate be a good thing? Well, when we allow ourselves to hate evil things and inhumane ways, it can be a force to reckon with. Sadly, we live in a society where hate is directed at human beings. Our society will levy laws with considerable consequences against people who hurt animals over the things we do to other human beings. Have we become so numb to violence that it’s an every-day norm to see injustices happen to other sentient beings like ourselves and just pass it off like we do a random floating cloud the blue sky?

The result of decades of sweeping hate and violence under the rug, whether it is against women, people of a different race or color, children, men, whomever, has created a society in which violence, which has an impact felt to unimaginable degrees, is a norm. We see it all over our TV shows and films. We have the highest ratings in shows which promote hatred and violence like reality TV. When did it become cool to hurt people? When did it become a sign of status to engage in hateful ways? The answer is never. At the end of day, we’ve found justifications for the things we hate that we shouldn’t, like other people. The result: a world where the big/small screen has become a virtual interdimensional portal where the fiction manifests as reality.

So, what do we do about it? Well, considering that no one is safe from the adverse effects of hatred, it’s time we all as human being across the globe take a united stand against the mentalities, traditions, and symbols that represent hate. I’d like to use Vegas’ tragic incident as a perfect example of why we need this united stand. The attack was by a White American against an event with a majority of White Americans. This is a situation where you can’t dismiss it as a racially-motivated incident, a terrorist attack by someone “unlike” us, or whatever we choose to believe to help us sleep at night. We are all victims but equally we are all forces of change against hate.

And in a world so globally connected, we cannot afford not to be. Start with a small action: CHOOSE to accept that every human being is just like you and me and MUST be afforded the space and freedoms to be different and live a life (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness) and that so long as their ways don’t hurt others, we protect each other from any other forces of hate.

It’s just a start but the shared momentum in this effort will make for one beautiful reality for all human beings.


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