Finally, A Food Spot That’s Floridian!

Scotch Egg
Scotch Egg

Thank you Hollywood films and media for cementing us as the Mojito capital of the world. And thank you 90s for the pastels, neons and the freakin’ sun-faded pink flamingos. But the one thing that Miami has been missing for quite some time is a cuisine AND a place that is truly “Miamian” (or Floridian, because “Floridian” is in the title). New York has pizza, Boston has chowdah, Cuba has paella. But what does Miami have? Everyone else’s stuff…that is until now.

Enter Lutum, a beautifully rustic restaurant and bar opening tomorrow (Wednesday, August 8, 2017) in Miami Beach. The place touts a selection of “Florida-grown deliciousness” (Urbandaddy Miami). Aside from great food provided locally from El Grito (they’re neighbors), it also serves as an amazing date spot.

The bar is handmade by a local carpenter, the menu is made by local nature – not the actual menu. The ingredients are local in dishes like seafood cavatelli with shrimp, mussels, and saffron-seasoned clams. Don’t have a date…like some of us? Still check the place out and be sure to order the Scotch egg. It’s wrapped in falafel. Mmmm…

What You Need to Know:
1766 Bay Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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